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Project Fighting Chance

"Boxing is what we do. Community is who we are."

Corporate Partnering

As a business you know the importance of employees having efficient and effective work environments to achieve productive outcomes.

As a community organization, and 2020 California Nonprofit of the Year, we know the importance or providing youth reliable resources and caring individuals to help them overcome emotional challenges and prepare for life ahead. Especially, those impacted by trauma.

Why not have your company's Community Giving Program partner with Project Fighting Chance for annual volunteer and financial support.

We are confident that your decision to team with Project Fighting Chance will not only help reduce childhood aggression, violence and trauma today, but make for a more responsive and productive workforce in the future.

Please contact Mr. Terry Boykins at (909) 838-9117. Or, e-mail us today to receive more information on how your Community Giving Program can support Project Fighting Chance.

Watch "Hopefuls"